Increase in social benefits, insurance and pension payments from 01 July

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In pursuance of the Decree of the  DPR Head dated 23 December 2020 No. 452 “On increasing the size of pension payments”, the DPR Pension Fund will recalculate the amount of pension payments upward by 17% from 01 July of this year.

It should be reminded that this increase in pension payments is carried out in order to increase the level of social protection of citizens of the Republic and is the second in the current year, since on the basis of Decree No. 452 from 01 January the size of pension payments was also increased by 17%.

It should be noted that this act does not apply to pensions that are assigned in accordance with the Decree of the DPR No. 290 dated 27 October 2017, No. 374 dated 27 December 2019, No. 359 dated 15 October 2019 in accordance with which the procedure for assigning pension payments to persons dismissed from military service, and other categories of the population is established.

In addition, according to the Decree of the Head of the DPR dated 25 December 2020 No. 463, the DPR Ministry of Labour and Social Policy continues a gradual increase in the amount of social and insurance payments from 01 July 2021.

Thus, the next increase in social benefits will affect 27 categories of recipients, including an increase in the amount of state assistance:

– in connection with pregnancy and childbirth from 5400 rubbles up to 5940.00 rubbles;

– for a child until the child reaches the age of three from 4000.00 rubbles up to 5400.00 rubbles;

– for children on the occasion of the loss of a breadwinner from 5760.00 rubbles up to 6912.00 rubbles;

– for children over whom guardianship or trusteeship is established from 8200,00 rubbles up to 9800.00 rubbles (depending on the category);

– monetary remuneration to parents – educators and foster parents in family-type orphanages and foster families from 3100.00 rubbles up to 3400.00 rubbles;

– temporary state assistance to children whose parents evade paying alimony, are unable to support a child, or their place of residence has not been known from 2000 rubbles up to 2,200.00 rubbles;

– families with three or more children from 2200 rubbles up to 2400,00 rubbles (for each child);

– children with disabilities and disabled from childhood, depending on the category, the increase will be on average 20% of the current size;

– to persons who are not eligible for a pension and disabled people, depending on the category, the increase will be on average 10% of the current amount;

– low-income families from 3000 rubbles up to 3300.00 rubbles;

– invalid care allowance for a disabled person of I and II groups due to a mental disorder from 5000.00 rubbles up to 5760,00 rubbles.

At the same time, from 01 July the amount of monthly insurance payments to victims of industrial accidents and occupational diseases and their family members increases by a factor of 1.20. Thus, the average monthly insurance payment to industrial victims and their family members will amount to 10.2 thousand rubbles.