Humanitarian Subgroup starts negotiations


The Humanitarian Working Group of the Contact Group gets to work. The negotiations will be held through a video-conference. Members are going to discuss three key issues, according to the agenda.

The most important theme is an exchange of prisoners of war as well as outcomes of exchanges, which were held on 29 December 2019 and on 16 April 2020 between the DPR and Ukraine, and also coordination of the next phase of the liberation and transfer persons, detained as a result of the conflict.

Moreover, the issue of organizing humanitarian corridors, which allow crossing the Contact Line citizens in the connection with humanitarian or other compelling circumstances during the quarantine, which is introduced for the period of the pandemic COVID-19, is on the agenda. Members intend to discuss, inter alia, events on ensuring the information about people’s security and necessary sanitary conditions in the areas of the checkpoints.

It is also planned to work out measures in the sphere of finding for missing people, and identifying unidentified bodies.