Human Rights Ombudsman facilitate installation of gas service in Lozovskoy town

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In autumn 2019, the Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic received a complaint from Mrs. Y. residing in Lozovskoy town, Donetsk region. She complained about the absence of gas service at several streets of the town. According to the applicant, since 2009 residents of the town have lived without access to gas service. Some of the houses lack carbon-furnaces, and some people can’t afford heating with electricity.

In response to the appeal, the DPR Ombudsman turned to a competent authority for facilitation, given the autumn and winter period and heavy weather conditions. After the appropriate action by state company “Donbassgaz”, access to gas service was resumed in full capacity. At the moment, all residents of the town may enjoy the convenience of central heating.

Residents of Lozovskoy town expressed sincere gratitude to the Ombudsman and her Office for prompt assistance in resolving the problem which they had faced for a decade.

In her activities, the DPR Ombudsman uses all available mechanisms to safeguard citizens’ right to housing and decent living conditions.