Human rights are protected by state (by Debaltsevo city administration)

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On Thursday, in Debaltsevo, an on-site reception was held. During the reception, appeals from citizens regarding human rights were reviewed.     Head of the Legal Department and Head of the Appeals Department of the DPR Ombudsman Office answered citizens’ questions.

Despite the fact that many of the appeals did not concern human rights issues, all of them were given due consideration. In particular, cases, relating specifically to functions of the DPR Ombudsman Office, Debaltsevo citizens received specific advice and exhaustive explanation.  In particular, one of the visitors raised a problem of suspension of pension payments in case of a two-month delay in money withdrawal, which has been a matter of concern for many pensioners.  As it turned out, this controversial issue is being addressed by the Ombudsman Office.  A request to the DPR Pension Fund has been made in order to clarify the situation and the grounds for applying this measure to pensioners.  Another appeal concerned a very challenging situation – restoration of documents and establishment of the date of the death of a militiaman who died in the battles for Donbass. The family of the deceased soldier need to resolve the issue to receive benefits.    A mother of the serviceman received a detailed advice on what her further action should be and what governmental bodies she can approach.  Also, she was advised to apply to the “Ruka Pomoschi” (Helping hand) Charitable Foundation, which assists families of soldiers and militiamen who lost their lives.

Some of the visitors made a written appeal to the DPR Ombudsman so that their problem would be solved at a higher level.

In cases when the involvement of some specialized agencies was needed to resolve a controversial issue, such as debt recalculation for utilities, housing restoration, provision of free coal to former employees of coal mining enterprises that have now ceased to operate, the applicants were advised to approach several authorities to address the issue. An obvious conclusion can be drawn: In the Donetsk People’s Republic, human rights are under a reliable protection of the state and of the law.

Debaltsevo Administration