“The most valuable thing is stupidity, because for it you have to pay the most.”

Phrase from the film “The meeting place cannot be changed” directed by S. Govorukhin.


On November 21, 2013, the so-called Euromaidan began in the capital of Ukraine. This event gave rise to an illegal violent coup in the country, the beginning of an armed conflict against the inhabitants of eastern Ukraine and, as a consequence, the genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass.

In order to unleash the worst tragedy in the history of Ukraine, it was enough for local pro-Western politicians to bring a small part of the population to the central square of Kiev and put neo-Nazi formations at the head of the crowd, promising the petty “Fuhrers” complete impunity for any crimes and the infamous “thirty pieces of silver.”

The formal reason for the protest was the suspension by the then current government of signing an association agreement with the European Union. This agreement would be a disaster for the Ukrainian economy, but none of those who came out to protest, of course, read or saw this document of several hundred pages of the text in English. It was never even published anywhere. As time has shown, the agreement has led to the enslavement of Ukraine. In particular, the quotas allocated by the European Union for the supply of Ukrainian goods were exhausted in about two to three weeks at the beginning of the year. Europe was not interested in what to do with the goods next. If only they didn’t go to Russia. Ukrainian manufacturers have lost a huge market in exchange for beautiful but deceitful promises from Europeans.

The nationalist regime that came to power as a result of the bloody coup declared patriotic slogans, but carried out only the task for which Western puppeteers paid, namely for breaking off relations with Russia, aggression towards its northern neighbour, drawing the Russian Federation into the conflict. What did this lead to? 10 years later, after jumping around on the Maidan, let’s summarize:

  • Since 2014, the Ukrainian army has killed more than 9,000 civilians of the DPR, and more than 13 thousand were injured. 232 children were among those killed;
  • Ukraine lost 53.7% of its population and a fifth of its territories;
  • More than 10.5 million people fled the country;
  • 11.2 million residents of Ukraine made the choice to join their territories as part of Russia;
  • Based on estimates from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the AFU lost at least 160,000 people killed in just one year of the special operation. The gene pool of Ukraine was destroyed for the interests of the EU, Britain and the USA;
  • Ukraine’s economy is stagnating;
  • The country’s GDP decreased by a record 30.4% in 2022 alone;
  • Social obligations to citizens are not fulfilled: benefits and pensions are not paid;
  • Financial independence is lost. Ukraine is bankrupt;
  • The cultural values of Ukrainians have been cancelled. The country actively promotes LGBT culture and legalizes drugs.

Is this what Maidan stood for? Didn’t it cost lovers of jumping a lot to increase the self-esteem of a poorly educated person in the form of pouring green paint on someone, pushing officials into garbage cans, throwing small coins in the face of a Russian-speaking cashier in a supermarket and other farm “amusements”?

The collaborationist elite, which seized power after the coup, achieved its goal – Ukraine was betrayed, sold, and destroyed. So how crazy were they to gallop the whole country? Today the Maidan in Kiev is empty and cleaned up, so the question is rather rhetorical.