Humanitarian Programme for the Reunification of the Donbass People


The aim of the program is to help the civil population living in areas of Donbass region temporarily controlled by Ukraine by developing and strengthening cultural, humanitarian and professional ties, as well as providing social and administrative services.

Activities and tasks Expected accomplishments Time frames
Social security and support for certain categories of citizens
1.Health care. Provide free-of-charge medical services in healthcare institutions in the following areas: obstetrics, oncology, endoprosthetics of large joints, cardiac surgery.  For a twelvemonth
2. Education services.
  1. Free-of-charge education, including distance learning, in institutions of higher, vocational and specialized secondary education.
  2. Facilitating the employment for graduates of educational institutions.
  3.  Schooling for people with disabilities.
Creating conditions – II quarter 2017, further – for a twelvemonth
3. Support for certain categories of citizens.

Targeted assistance for certain categories of citizens residing in  Donetsk region:

  1. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and persons of equivalent status.
  2. Citizens who found themselves in a difficult life situation.
For a twelvemonth
Creating conditions for administrative and legal services
4. Creation of mobile centers for social assistance and administrative services under the “single window” concept near the delimitation line, including the launch of a hotline and an Internet website.
    1. Free-of-charge legal services and counseling, administrative support (including on business issues)
    2. Assistance in paperwork necessary for receiving healthcare and education services
    3.  Organization of postal service and money transactions (including transfers)
    4. Assistance for divided families
Creating conditions – I quarter 2017, further – for a twelvemonth
Strengthening unity, cultural values and spiritual commonality of people of Donbass
5. Preservation of professional ties in the field of health, education, science, culture, industry, etc.
  1. Organization of meetings of professional teams aimed at  addressing the issues related to the protection of workers’ rights.
  2. Organization of meetings and events for trade unions, veterans’ movements, youth.

On a regular basis

On a regular basis

6. Preservation of cultural values of Donbass.
  1. Organizations of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, performances and other cultural events (including those with the participation of creative intellectuals and non-professional groups), celebration of commemorative events.
  2. Revival of a common cultural space and preservation of cultural heritage.

On a regular basis

On a regular basis

7. Ensuring the accessibility of cultural heritage objects for young people. Free access to theatres and concerts, museums, exhibitions, cultural and art organizations. On a regular basis
8. Promotion of spiritual and moral values. Organization of pilgrimages to holy places of Donbass and arrangement of events. On a regular basis
9. Development of physical culture and sports. Holding sports events with the participation of athletes, sports teams, clubs, schoolchildren and students. On a regular basis
Ensuring ecological safety in Donbass
  • 10. Preserving of environment.
  • 10.1. Establishment of a joint inspection involving representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR, public and international organizations.
  • 10.2. Monitoring of the integrity of enterprises located on the territory of Donbass (and necessary infrastructure) through joint inspections.
  • 10.3. Unimpeded and safe access for environmental and humanitarian organizations of the DPR to the territory of Donetsk oblast, as well as international organizations recommended by the DPR.

1. Restoration, imposing preventive measures and preservation of the following objects located in Donetsk oblast:

    • enterprises (including Avdeyevka Coke Plant, Azovstal, Konstantinovsky State Chemical Plant, Dzerzhinsky Phenolic Plant), discontinuance of operation or damaging of which may pose a threat to the population and lead to emergencies of technogenic nature;
    • engineering infrastructure (energy, water and gas), the discontinuance of operation of which may pose a threat to livelihood of the population and lead to a humanitarian disaster
  1. 2. Conducting, if necessary, joint inspections for the restoration, prevention and safeguarding of enterprises located in Donbass
  2. Preparation and implementation of proposals to prevent and reduce the current negative impact on the environment
At least quarterly
Ensuring implementation of the program
11. Establishment of the humanitarian foundation in the DPR for providing support to landsmen. Financial, nutrition and other material assistance to residents of areas of Donbass controlled by Ukraine. For a twelvemonth