Greeting from DPR Ombudsman on Miner’s Day


Dear miners, I wholeheartedly congratulate you on Miner’s Day! This holiday is really important for all Donbass citizens, as it is intertwined with their destinies.

In this challenging time, we are honouring miners, whose hard and dangerous labour is essential for the development and prosperity of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

An uninterrupted supply for factories and plants, as well as heating and lighting in homes of millions of people, rely on effective work of the coal industry. We are truly proud of the significant contribution that miners make to strengthening the industrial capacities and energy security of our state.

On this day I want to congratulate all people who daily go down the mine risking the lives to bring heat and light to citizens’ homes, people who selflessly work for the well-being of the country. I wish you to be successful, to achieve your goals, and have big accomplishments in your arduous work. Good health, well-being and happiness to you and your families!

Daria Morozova