Greeting from Daria Morozova with Christmas Day


The bright holiday of the Nativity of Christ has always been considered a day that personifies family warmth and home comfort! Christmas is a time of magic and fulfillment of desires. This holiday unites people from different countries and generations, reminds of the main values ​​in life, and gives the joy of communicating with the closest and dearest people. This is the time when the whole family gathers at the festive table, when children are carried away by traditional winter fun, and adults are busy with pleasant chores.

Also, Christmas is always the anticipation of change, the expectation of new happy events and wonderful moments!

On this bright holiday, I want to wish you health, joy and well-being. May your home always be full of warmth and comfort, and let your desires come true! May peace and harmony reign in our native land!

Merry Christmas!

Best regards, Human rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova