Greeting from Daria Morozova on Volunteer Day


I wholeheartedly congratulate all those involved in this profession!

The work of volunteers is invaluable. For Donbass, this became especially obvious with the start of the special military operation. Assistance in the evacuation of people from hot spots, the delivery of humanitarian aid, taking part in the security of mass events, assistance to veterans, people with disabilities and sick children … And this is not a complete list of good deeds of our volunteers, which they often do risking their lives.

It is especially important that young people are involved in volunteering because for many children it becomes a real school of civic engagement, patriotism and philanthropy.

I want to sincerely thank all the volunteers for their empathetic attitude, courage, readiness to help fellow citizens, society and the state.

I wish success to all the volunteers in their difficult but extremely important work!

Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR Daria Morozova