Greeting from Daria Morozova on the Day of Knowledge


I congratulate all teachers, scientific workers, pupils and students of the Donetsk People’s Republic!

The Day of knowledge traditionally marked the beginning of the new school year. It is a responsible and exciting moment. On the one hand, it is a pity that summer is over and it is time to work hard. On the other hand, the 1st of September presents the happiness of the meeting with classmates and gives a start to new educational accomplishments.

Right to education occupies the central place among social human rights, enshrined in the Constitution of DPR. It creates a basis of human development and state in general because knowledge is the absolute value of our time.

The persistent desire towards science distinguishes the children of Donbas. And it’s cool because of a pupil without the desire to study like a bird without wings. The state makes an effort for its part to ensure the effective and modern process of education despite the difficulties.

This day is especially solemn and significant for first graders, pupils of graduated classes and freshmen. I address certain words of greetings and support to you and your parents. You move on the new phase of life, choosing the right way of the literacy, education and prospects.

I wish to all inhabitants of the country of Knowledge interesting classes and good marks! Let this school year will bring bright, creative victories and will open new talents. I wish you strength, health, optimism and benefits!

Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova