Greeting from Daria Morozova on Food Industry Workers’ Day


Dear workers of the food industry of the Donetsk People’s Republic!

I sincerely congratulate you on your professional holiday!

Industrial food complex plays a key role in the development of any modern state. Specialists of the food industry make important contributions in providing the population with food helping to the socio-economic development of the Republic.

Today, thanks to the hard-working and great experience of the specialists, as well as the highest quality standards, enterprises of the industrial food complex of the DPR provide the public with a wide selection of food on a daily basis.

I’m sure that your experience, high qualification, dedication to the profession would serve as a promotion for the industry!

I wish you and your loved ones good health and wellbeing, happiness, prosperity, boundless energy and new professional achievements!

Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova