Four referrals for temporary accommodation issued within two weeks


DPR Ombudsman Office under the leadership of Daria Morozova addresses issues of temporarily displaced persons, affected by the conflict. The primary objective of the Office is to assist people in resolving their problems, restore their rights, and improve their living conditions. Temporary Accommodation Centres (TACs) have been opened to ensure normal living conditions for citizens and make their adaptation period shorter.

Between 5 and 18 May 2018, 26 persons have applied to the Ombudsman’s Office on the issues related to internally displaced persons. Four of them received referrals for temporary accommodation of the Ombudsman Office in Donetsk and Khartsysk.

Currently, 1216 individuals live in the centres, including 225 underage children. Since the beginning of the conflict 5378 referrals for temporary accommodation have been issued, 135 of them – in 2018.

It is necessary to remind that there are 7497 persons, including 1861 children under the age of eighteen registered since the beginning of the conflict.