Education and living environment for children in Donetsk boarding school No.28 receive positive assessment

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On 20 November, representatives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office conducted an inspection of the educational process and of the living conditions in the Donetsk Special General Education Boarding School No.28, which is currently attended by 131 children with special health needs, including 78 children with disabilities.

The facility has two blocks: the education and administration block and the dormitory block, which are heated in an appropriate way. The boarding school has a facility with gas and electric cooking equipment, as well as a furnished canteen for children of different ages. The children get five meals a day, balanced nutrition is organised for them.   Medical supervision of children is carried out by a paediatrician, a psychiatrist and nurses.

In the dormitory building, there is a playroom, a gymnastics hall and a table tennis.

In the education and administration block, the educational process is organised for children (grades 1 to 9). Each grade has two groups (for pupils with mild and moderate mental disabilities) The number of students there meets the requirement and accounts for 6-12.

The children study according to educational programs adapted by teachers of the boarding school. In addition, there are classes with a speech therapist, a psychologist, as well as physical therapy and social orientation classes. The main focus is on labour training, which is conducted in equipped classrooms and workshops. Students master sewing, plastering and joinery. Graduates of the boarding school receive a certificate of the established model, which entitles them to enter secondary vocational schools.

In the education and administration block, there is an assembly hall and a library.  The computer science classroom has desktop and laptop computers, a multimedia interactive whiteboard and a projector. The school has created the necessary conditions to enhance capabilities of pupils who actively participate in and win republican sports events and creative competitions.

As a result of the inspection, education and living environment for children in the Donetsk Special General Education Boarding School No.28 received a positive assessment from the staff of DPR Ombudsman Office.

DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova expressed gratitude to the administration and staff of the facility for faithful implementation of their duties.