Education and living environment for children in Donetsk boarding school No.1 receives positive assessment

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On 16 October, representatives of the DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Office visited Donetsk boarding school No.1 located at the address: 17a Gonimova Ave, Donetsk, where they inspected living conditions of the children and became familiar with the educational process organized there.

Currently, 142 children aged 7-18, who are orphans and children deprived of parental care, reside in the institution.

It was established that all necessary infrastructure is available in the boarding school: living rooms and rooms for educational activities, space for recreation and leisure activities (including sports hall, gym and fitness facilities with appropriate equipment), a museum with unique items on display, and a library, which children can freely use. Comfortable conditions for children have been created there, which makes them feel safe.

In one of the dormitory blocks, there is a Centre of Social Adaptation with bedrooms, a cosy living room, a recreation room and a kitchen. Living conditions in the boarding school are close to those in a family. Senior students (10th-11th form) are learning to live independently; they use home appliances, cook and do the cleaning.

All the children look neat and are provided with everything they need.

Special attention is devoted to their health, both physical and emotional. In the establishment, there are physiotherapy rooms, a dentist, a psychologist, and a medical isolation ward.

Children have 5 meals a day. A nutritionist controls the dining unit and ensures compliance with the facility’s health and hygiene standards. There are green areas in the territory of the boarding school – flower beds, shrubs and fruit trees. The staff of the institution told about the tradition that graduates plant trees on the Birch Alley of Graduates, leaving a pleasant reminder of their stay in the school.

As a result of the visit, staff of the boarding school drawn the attention of the Ombudsman Office representatives to the lack of computers and some kinds of musical equipment necessary for additional education of the students. Staff of the Ombudsman Office have taken note of the demands of the Administration of the facility.

Education and living environment for children in Donetsk boarding school No.1 received a positive assessment by the inspectors. They expressed gratitude to the Administration and staff of the facility for faithful implementation of their duties.