DPR unilaterally search for missing persons

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The Donetsk People’s Republic started to search for missing persons unilaterally, said DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova to journalists.

Earlier, DPR Ombudsman had repeatedly stated that the search for missing persons is necessary. It is a standing item on the agenda of the Humanitarian Subgroup in Minsk. A mechanism for this procedure has been elaborated, although no decisions on joint action have been agreed so far.

It was decided to launch a huge facility for forensic examinations where specialists are going to find missing persons through DNA analysis. The ICRC provided special equipment and chemicals. And the DNA database has been created… We started to work unilaterally,” said Ms Morozova.

She added that it would be much more effective if Kiev representatives participated as well.

“If the collaboration program is effective, we will be able to find a large number of people within two months. The Ukrainian side, however, is not willing to get involved; on 27 February we will raise this issue in Minsk, we have some proposals for them,” said the Ombudsman.

She underlined that people from the territory controlled by Ukraine also come to the DPR in order to provide their DNA material. “However, not all people receive documents allowing them to cross the line of contact, as they must specify the reason of visiting the DPR. According to the UN estimates, there are about 1000 unidentified graves on the Ukrainian side. According to our own estimates, there are about 4000 of them. But we cannot get the official data,” said Ms Morozova.

Source: RIA