DPR say exchange must be discussed in Minsk format

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Media News

Ombudsman of the Donetsk Peoples’ Republic Daria Morozova said that the issue of POWs exchange must only be resolved through Minsk negotiations. As for the proposal of an ex-President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych, it cannot be accepted.

The ex-President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych had stated that he was willing to initiate a POWs exchange between DPR and Kiev. The last prisoner exchange took place in late December 2017.

“We will only discuss this issue in Minsk, only under the “all confirmed for all confirmed” formula and only with official representatives of Kiev,” Ms Morozova told journalists.

According to her, “there is a Minsk format, there are two official representatives of Kiev – (Iryna – ed.) Grashchenko and (Victor – ed.) Medvedchuk”.

“Accordingly, all issues related to prisoner exchange or transfer of convicts must be resolved in Minsk, and no other initiatives are acceptable. If this person (Yanukovych – ed.) had made the right choice, there wouldn’t have been such a situation in Donbass,” she added.

Source: RIA