DPR Ombudsman says no progress in transferring Prosolova to Kharkov

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Kiev is delaying the transfer of a Donetsk citizen Yulia Prosolova, held in Ukraine, to a Kharkov penitentiary institution. This was announced today by the Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR, the representative of Donetsk in the Humanitarian Subgroup at the Minsk talks Daria Morozova.

“The application for transfer to another correctional institution was written personally by Prosolova in the presence of the OSCE coordinator of the Humanitarian Group Tony Frisch. Then Frisch handed over one documentation package to the head of the colony, where she is currently serving her sentence, and the other – to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. So far, there are no steps forward on the part of Ukraine,” said Morozova.

In this regard, the DPR Ombudsman demanded that the Ukrainian side fulfil the promises made following the results of the previous meetings of the Contact Group and transfer Prosolova to Kharkov for the next meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk (August 21 – DAN Ed.).

We remind that Yulia’s mother insisted on her transfer. Due to health reasons, she cannot visit her daughter, who is being held in Western Ukraine. Back in March, representatives of Kiev agreed to the transfer, but no steps were taken on this issue.

A resident of Donetsk Yulia Prosolova has been accused of blowing up a car of the SBU colonel Alexander Kharaberyush, whose car was blown up in the centre of Mariupol on March 31, 2017. The girl was detained by the Ukrainian security service in the autumn of 2017. In October 2018, the Ilyichevsky Court of Mariupol sentenced Yulia to 12 years in prison. Prosolova has never pleaded guilty.

Source: DAN

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