DPR Ombudsman performed personal reception of citizens in the correctional institution

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Yesterday, May 5, the Human Rights Ombudsman Daria Morozova visited the penitentiary institution for women in Snezhnoye and held a personal reception of citizens. On the course of a personal conversation it was found that a citizen serving a sentence in the Republic is listed as missing in Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities had informed thereto the mother of the convicted person.

In addition, Daria Morozova inspected the conditions of detention of prisoners and noted that sanitary and hygienic standards are observed in the colony.

“The conditions of detention are in full compliance with international standards. All living rooms and facilities are kept clean and tidy. In the colony there is a sewing production that is a way to earn money, cultural leisure activities are also available”, – the Ombudsman commented.

We would like to note that the colony has its own farm. This is a pig farm with a livestock of 100 heads, a vegetable garden, which provides convicts with fresh vegetables, greens and allows to lay it in a store for winter.