DPR Ombudsman Office announces competition for filling vacant positions


The DPR Ombudsman’s Office announces a competition for filling the following vacant positions:

1.Chief Specialist of Legal Department


  • Higher education in the area of Legal studies;
  • at least 3 years’ experience


  • drawing up legal documentation, preparation of projects (legal and regulatory instruments, treaties);
  • providing legal advice both orally and in writing

Experience of court pleadings is welcome


2. Chief Specialist of Human Resources and Management Department


  • Higher education in the specified area;
  • at least 3 years’ experience


  • work with legal and regulatory instruments, analysis and application of them;
  • records management (handling of incoming and outgoing documents);
  • management of archives;
  • human resources records


3. Chief Specialist of Department of Accounting and Logistics (the position is temporary – a maternity leave replacement)


  • Higher education in the following areas: “Accounting”, “Corporate Economics”, “Financial Accounting” (Master degree, Specialist degree);
  • at least 3 years’ experience (as an accountant or an economist);


– work with the plan and correspondence of accounting records for budgetary institutions;

– maintaining the procedure for formation and reflection in the accounts of accounting operations related to the transaction of fixed assets, inventory and financial resources;

– accounting documentation management;

– payroll, mandatory payments and budget contributions management;

Knowledge of legislative acts, decisions, decrees, methodological and regulatory instruments on accounting, property, liabilities, business transactions, and reporting is required.


Basic requirements for candidates:

  • knowledge of the legislation applicable in the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic;
  • advanced user of PC: MS Word, MS Excel, the Internet;
  • discipline, punctuality, teamwork.


CVs are accepted within 30 calendar days from the date of publication of the announcement via the email [email protected]

For further information on the responsibilities, remuneration and conditions of payment and other, please contact the human resources department, 300-19-03 (weekdays, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon).