DPR Ombudsman insists that exchange be held in late September

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Ombudsman of the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova insists that the prisoner exchange with Kiev should be held in the end of September 2019 under the formula “103 for 50”.

“The issue of the prisoner exchange in line with the Package of Measures signed by the Republics and Kiev has been under discussion at every meeting in Minsk for several years. As for the exchange between the DPR and Kiev, the formula is “103 for 50″. The figure does not include people who have been released. But that is not an issue to remove them from the list. This is a purely technical matter. Nevertheless, we hope and insist on an exchange at the end of the month,” Morozova told RIA Novosti.

She recalled that the DPR offered to representatives of Ukraine a mechanism to legally cease the criminal prosecution of released prisoners – supporters of the DPR.

“So far, the Ukrainian side has not carried out a procedural clearance. We offered them a mechanism to fulfil this condition. Now we are waiting for the answer from the Ukrainian side, and as soon as there is a positive answer, we can immediately conduct the exchange.”

Source: RIA