DPR Ombudsman hopes prisoner exchange takes place this autumn

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The prisoner exchange between Kiev and the Donetsk People’s Republic might take place this autumn, provided that all parties make efforts, told DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova.

The latest prisoner exchange between Kiev and Donbass took place in late December 2017. Parties to the conflict state that the process will be continued. The official representative of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova earlier mentioned that the exchange of detainees between parties to the conflict in Ukraine would resume after presidential elections.

“Our main demand is that procedural “clearance” would be carried out for all the persons. It will take them (Ukrainian authorities – Ed.) about one or two months. In other words, if we continue to work at a similar pace, we might be able to conduct the exchange by autumn. This is only possible if all parties would do their utmost,” said Morozova.

The Ombudsman added that positive trends are visible in the work of the Humanitarian Subgroup after the appointment of the new Kiev representative. “We have managed to resume correspondence between us and the Ukrainian side, which has been blocked for a year and a half. This is a huge step. At the last meeting, we agreed to exchange the lists. Now we insist that each case would be considered individually… it is much easier now. No one is hindering the work of the Subgroup, no one is shouting. We talk and discuss all pressing issues, try to find ways to compromise. This all shows positive dynamics,” she explained.

Morozova added that the preliminary exchange formula is to be discussed at the next meeting of the Humanitaria Subgroup in Minsk.

Source: RIA

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