DPR not to consider other formulas of prisoner exchange than “all for all” – Morozova

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Detention News

The Donetsk People’s Republic will not put forward or consider any other proposals of the prisoner exchange between the DPR and Ukraine but the “all for all” formula. This was announced by DPR Ombudsman, delegate of the Republic to Humanitarian Subgroup Daria Morozova in an interview to DAN correspondent.

“We adhere to the Minsk agreements, there is an “all for all” formula established by the Package of Measures. But it is unlikely that we will implement this point before the end of the conflict because they continue to detain people. That is why it was decided to change the formula to “all confirmed for all confirmed”. There won’t be any other formulas,” said Morozova commenting the question of the appropriateness of developing a new exchange formula to unfreeze this process.

We recall that the last exchange between the DPR and Ukraine took place on December 27, 2017. The Ukrainian side handed over 160 people to Donetsk, and 57 people have been transferred to Kiev from the DPR. After that, the process of negotiating the prisoner exchange has reached a deadlock. DPR delegates to Minsk talks have repeatedly stated that the Ukrainian side refuses to have substantive discussions of the agenda, and official representatives of Ukraine have repeatedly failed to attend the meetings of the Humanitarian Subgroup.

Source: DAN