DPR expects Kiev to provide information on dozens of detained Republic supporters

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The Ombudsman of the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova said she expected Kiev to confirm holding several dozen DPR supporters in the territory controlled by Kiev, who could be added to the exchange lists.

Earlier, Morozova said that the DPR was ready to exchange prisoners with Kiev under the formula “50 for 88”.

“As a response to a request by the Ukrainian side, the DPR additionally confirmed (presence on the territory of the DPR of – Ed.) 35 people (requested by Kiev for the exchange of prisoners – Ed.), as we are willing to conduct the exchange. However, the Ukrainian side has not confirmed a single person (in addition to those confirmed earlier) for a period of eight months,” Morozova told RIA Novosti.

According to her, the DPR sent Kiev requests for confirmation of several dozen supporters of the Republic detained in Kiev-held territory.

“We have additional requests, and we don’t consider the number 88 (the number of DPR supporters confirmed by Kiev to be exchanged – Ed.) to be final and we demand a response confirming that the people are being held in Ukraine, of which we are sure,” Morozova added.

Source: RIA

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