DPR not receive official proposal from Kiev on exchange of a captive

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Media News

The Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova declared that the authority of the Republic didn’t receive an official proposal from Kiev on the urgent exchange of a captive because of his bad health condition.

The representative of Kiev in the Contact Group on Donbas Denis Kazanskiy asked the Donetsk People’s Republic for the urgent exchange of Valeriy Matyushenko, who is detained in the territory of the DPR. “The Ukrainian side didn’t address us on this issue officially in written form. Also, I have no idea who these people are that made such announcements (the representative of Kiev in the Contact Group on Donbas Denis Kazanskiy – ed.). I didn’t see such statements from official negotiators, who are in the humanitarian subgroup or in exchange of the Contact Group, even from mass-media”, – Morozova said to journalists.

She explained that such exchange contradicts achieved agreements. According to the agreements, it is necessary to establish a group of people bilaterally, and only after that, the procedure of exchange may be carried out.

“At the moment, no illnesses were documented in his (Matyushenko – ed.) medical card, indicated on different sites in Ukraine. Furthermore, Mr.Matyushenko didn’t file a complaint to the administration of the colony, and consequently, I, as the Human Rights Ombudsman asked to conduct an additional medical examination, after which we’ll be able to understand is it an imaginary situation or he really needs medical care” – Morozova noted.

Morozova highlighted that the statement about supposedly bad health condition preventing Matyushenko to be in detention may be another manipulation to draw attention to the process of exchange. She recalled, moreover, that Kiev not once ignored requests by DPR on bad condition of captives, who are situated in places of detention in the territory, which is under the control of Ukraine.

“If he needs in emergency medical care or hospital, obviously it all will be provided”, Morozova said.