DPR confirm videoconference on prisoner exchange

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A videoconference on the exchange of POW between Kiev and Donbass will take place on 23 December, according to DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova.

At the last meeting of this year, Donbass and Kiev did not manage to agree on prisoner exchange. Kiev representative Mr. Leonid Kuchma offered to discuss the exchange through videoconference on Friday. The DPR suggested that the negotiations be held on 23 December. On Friday, press-secretary of Mr. Kuchma, Ms Daria Olifer, said that the videoconference of the Contact Group had been scheduled for 23 December.

“The videoconference is scheduled for Monday, so we’ll continue the discussion. There are high chances that the exchange will take place provided that the Ukrainian side offers a mechanism for procedural clearance,” Morozova said.

According to her, now it all depends on Kiev. “We are expecting a response from them and insist that the exchange take place by the end of the year,” she added.

Source: RIA