DPR comment on Minsk negotiation process

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The DPR Human Rights Ombudsman Daria Morozova told that it is difficult to negotiate with Kiev representatives in Minsk without a Head of the political board of the Ukrainian “Opposition Platform — For life” Victor Medvedchuck.

Earlier, the president of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko tasked the Security Service of Ukraine to consider the effectiveness of Mr. Medvedchuk’s participation in the negotiations to release POWs in Donbass.

“We have achieved great results with Mr. Medvedchuk. And, first of all, released persons benefited from these achievements. I would like our negotiations to be fruitful in the future. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to negotiate and have some positive results with negotiators who, in the absence of Medvedchuk, come to Minsk as official representatives (of Kiev – ed.). Therefore, in the negotiation process, I still want to see people who can make decisions and bring results not only for their country, but also for the people who live in it,” said Morozova.

“As regards my subgroup, official representatives, like Medvedchuk and (Iryna) Gerashchenko, almost never show up at the negotiations. Newly appointed representatives come and say: we have a directive on what to tell, and we are not authorized to discuss anything else. How can you find a compromise with them? Therefore, we wait, we call on, we insist that representatives, who will search for a compromise and negotiate, attend Minsk talks, specifically to my subgroup. The Humanitarian Subgroup should not be engaged in any political affairs, effective decisions must be made there,” she underlined.

Source: RIA