DPR address to ICRC, OSCE and UN as information on secret prison in Mariupol emerge

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Human Rights Ombudsman of the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova told she wrote requests to the ICRC, the OSCE and the bureau of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission, as information on a secret prison in Mariupol emerged.

Earlier, at the press conference in Moscow, a former officer of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Prosorov presented photographs proving the existence of an unofficial prison in Mariupol.

According to him, such a prison was created in one of the terminals of the Mariupol airport. In the summer and autumn of 2014 alone, more than 300 people went through the secret prison at the airport, two people died during this time, Prozorov said.

“I think it still exists. As at December 27, 2017, when we had a very large exchange, it existed for sure. A lot of former prisoners of war said that they had been kept there. They went through all these atrocities,” said Morozova.

“At the moment we are looking for 254 people in Ukraine. Of these, only 98 persons have been officially confirmed by Ukraine. We don’t know where the rest are, and whether they are alive,” she added.

Also, she “wrote appropriate letters to international organizations, namely to the ICRC, the OSCE and the bureau of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission, in order to check whether it (the prison) currently exists in Ukraine. I am waiting for the response to these letters.”

“I have a question to the international community – where is the response to this fact? And there is no response,” – she said.

Source: RIA