Documents for issuing of passport are filed

News Restoration of rights

At a personal meeting, the Ombudsman was approached by a citizen M. on the issue of documenting a citizen of the Donetsk People’s Republic with a passport.

In her complaint, the applicant indicated that earlier on this issue she had repeatedly applied to one of the territorial departments of the Migration Service of the MIS DPR, but she was verbally refused to submit documents. The reason for the refusal was not known to her.

After the Ombudsman applied to the Migration Service of the MIS DPR, the applicant’s passport documents were accepted. Currently, the passport of a citizen M. is at the stage of registration.

In turn, the Ombudsman recommends that citizens of the Republic apply to the authorities or to officials in writing for the possibility of a subsequent appeal against the existing answer, as well as appeal to the relevant state bodies for the protection of their rights and freedoms.