DPR and LPR ready for “690-for-47” prisoner exchange with Kiev – Ombudsman

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DPR and LPR authorities are ready for prisoner exchange with Kiev through “690-for-47” formula, DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova told reporters on Tuesday.

“These are some 690 people (including LPR residents) confirmed by Ukrainian side. For our part, we’re ready to release 47 people. Separately, it’s “494-for-41” exchange for DPR, and “196-for-6” exchange for LPR,” Morozova said.

On Tuesday morning, DPR and LPR authorities handed over two women to the Head of Ukraine’s “Officer Corps” Detainee Release Centre Vladimir Ruban as an act of goodwill.

Earlier, DPR Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko and his LPR counterpart Igor Plotnitskiy said they were ready to hand over Anzhelika Presnyakova and Olga Svorak to Ukrainian people representative (Verkhovnaya Rada deputy) Nadezhda Savchenko without any special conditions.
The Republics’ leaders made the move in the hope to facilitate the release of Donbass residents held captive in Ukraine.


Source: DAN