DPR is ready to accommodate children with special needs from Odessa boarding house – Morozova

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The authorities of Donetsk People`s Republic are ready to provide proper accommodation for disabled children from Donbass, who used to live in Odessa boarding house. Mrs Daria Morozova, DPR Ombudsman, informed DNA on the matter today.
“If the official Kiev is not capable of providing the minimum conditions for disabled forcibly displaced persons from Donbass, especially for disabled children, let us do it. The DPR is ready to take care of her citizens to the full extent and grant their inalienable rights. I underline that we have resources to accommodate them in specialized institutions,” — Mrs Morozova said.
Now disabled persons are placed in one of health centers in Slavyansk. Later, they will be moved at Svyatogorsk health center that is being renewed now, — she added.
“I doubt that those conditions in Slavyansk would be better. Before, the city was famous for his resort. Now, as far as I know, most of Slavyansk health centers are occupied by Ukrainian soldiers and all the property is plundered, there are also constant problems with water supply in the city” – summarized the Ombudsman.
We should remind that in the beginning of October more than 50 disabled forcibly displaced persons, including those with problems of support-locomotion system, blind and cecutient , were evicted from “Kuyalnik” health center by Ukrainian authorities. On October 4 they were moved to the “Svyatyie gory” health center in Svyatogorsk, that is being renewed at the moment. The majority of forcibly displaced persons are disabled people from Horlovka, Debaltsevo, Donetsk, Zugres, Mekeyevka, Khartsysk and Shakhtyorsk.


Source: DAN