December 18 – International Migrants Day


In 2000, the United Nations General Assembly established December 18 as the International Migrants Day. In many countries around the world, various events are organized on this day in order to disseminate information about the rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants.

Uncontrolled migration has become acute lately. Armed conflicts throughout the world have led to the displacement of millions of people seeking security and better living conditions. The main problems that migrants face are the lack of housing, documents, money and food, employment issues and adaptation to the local environment and new culture.

The main task of every government that hosts migrants is to ensure and respect the rights of displaced persons, to provide comprehensive financial, socio-psychological and legal support to them.

The armed conflict in Donbass caused forced migration in the region. People have been living their homes, moving to the Russian Federation and other countries. Many citizens, seeking a stable and peaceful life, moved to Ukraine, where the situation of internally displaced persons remains uncertain. On March 1, 2018, there was a wide-scale check for fraud of citizens who receive social benefits. People have to choose between the right to free movement and the opportunity to receive social payments. Another matter of concern is the future, fate and the rights of thousands of children who were taken to Ukraine at the beginning of active military operations in Donbass.

Many people from different regions of Ukraine have moved to the Donetsk People’s Republic due to political persecution. Despite the challenging conditions of the ongoing military-political and socio-economic confrontation, close attention is paid to supporting internally displaced persons. On the territory of the Republic, about 8,000 people have been registered as citizens affected by the military conflict. Since 2014, Human Rights Ombudsman in the Donetsk People’s Republic has been organizing housing opportunities for them, improving living conditions, assisting in finding employment, adapting and rehabilitating citizens as well as providing legal advice.

Respect for the rights of displaced persons is extremely important for the establishment and development of our young Republic, which is tasked to provide comprehensive support for these citizens in a peaceful environment.

Every government that faced migration is looking for strategic solutions to the problem. And the key factor is the resolution of conflicts, which are the main cause of population displacement.

День мигранта