December 10 – Human Rights Day


Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10 December every year. In 1948 the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which became the first universal international act to protect human rights and freedoms. In 1950, two years later, the UN passed a resolution calling on all states and international organizations to establish this date as Human Rights Day.

Thanks to the participation in the drafting the Declaration of representatives of different legal and cultural systems from different countries of the world, the universal values ​​and common achievements of all peoples and countries of the planet fully enshrine in it. The Document proclaims the equal dignity and worth of every person. The Declaration and the commitments to respect the principles that were accepted by the participating States allowed to protect millions of people and laid the basis for work on the creation of a just world for all humankind. The Declaration was included in the Guinness Book of Records as a document that was translated into more than 400 languages ​​and dialects, which testifies to its universal character and the importance of its worldwide distribution.

Traditionally, on that Day in Donetsk People’s Republic, state human rights bodies, as well as various public and educational organizations, carry out all kinds of events aimed at educating the population on human rights and their protection, clarifying the essence of law and the activity of legal institutions.

In order to ensure guarantees of state protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens, foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the DPR, as well as to prevent any forms of discrimination, the post of Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR was established in 2014, which is encumbered by Morozova Daria Vasilyevna. The Ombudsman and the Office were created in the days of the difficult state formation of the Republic and have since continued observing the principles set forth in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today, in the context of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, it is more necessary than ever to unite the common efforts of the whole world in the interests of respecting human rights and freedoms. Because only together we can build a just and humane society, where the value of human life is unlimited!