Daria Morozova recommends that Kiev Officials show humanism or even refrain from commenting on the death of Arceniy Pavlov


We advise authorized representatives of Ukraine in Minsk Humanitarian subgroup to refrain from any commenting on the death of one the prominent commanders in Donbass region Arseniy Pavlov. Degrading the individual commanders in their statements, the Kiev Officials humiliate Donbass citizens. Indeed, Arseniy Pavlov is not just a single command officer, he is a symbol of struggle against the criminal regime, that came to governance through upheaval, he is the symbol of fight for justice and freedom of Donbass.
Commenting in such manner is inadmissible as for the Authorized President of Ukraine on the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass, they contradict any ethics and morality and demonstrate either the absence of common tact and professionalism. Such statements kindle the situation, that is quite tensed already. These words confirm, that Kiev plenipotentiaries will fully support the idea of incitement of discord and fratricidal war in spite of the mere idea of peaceful settlement through Minsk agreements.
I would like to recommend Kiev Officials to show their humanism or to refrain from any comments in such manner at all and not to make a third rate publicity stunt out of the human misery.