Daria Morozova will fulfil dream of 11-year-old boy from Donetsk within framework of “Wishing Tree” project


Human Rights Ombudsman in the DPR Daria Morozova has traditionally become a member of the “Wishing Tree” social project, which is being implemented in the DPR for the third year in a row on the initiative of the People’s Council deputies.

Today, on October 20, during the ceremonial start of the action at the Donetsk State Academic Music and Drama Theatre named after Mark Brovun, the Ombudsman tore a leaf from a symbolic tree. Thus, the name of the child, whose dream will come true thanks to the Ombudsman, was determined.

This is the 11-year-old boy Sasha, the son of the deceased defender of the Republic. The child lives with his mother in Donetsk. His desire is a tablet and a big mouse pad.

“I believe that dreams should come true. That is why I always support the “Wising Tree” project. But I really want the eyes of our little citizens to shine with joy not only on certain holiday occasions. Donbass children should live in peace and security, constantly feeling the care and attention of adults. This is our main goal, because happy children are the key to a successful and strong state,” said Daria Morozova.

It should be reminded that the goal of the “Wishing Tree” project is to draw public attention to the problems of the minors of the Republic who find themselves in a difficult life situation. This year, it covers children from the families of deceased military personnel, children with disabilities and children of doctors who died from the coronavirus infection COVID-19. All concerned citizens can join the initiative.