Daria Morozova: “The feat of Donbas liberators is our pride and untouchable history”

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Today, on 8 September, Human rights Ombudsman in DPR Daria Morozova laid flowers to the Eternal Flame at the monument “To your liberators, Donbas!” in the capital of the Republic. Ombudsman honoured the memory of our brave ancestors, who 77 years ago expelled German-fascist invaders from the Donetsk land.

As Daria Morozova highlighted, Donbas Liberation Day is a sacred date for each inhabitant of our great land. It serves as an eternal reminder of the feat of heroes-liberators, who purified Donbas from destructive deadly forces with uniting efforts.

Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers went into battle putting their lives at risk. They withstood terrible cruelty of invaders, reconquering the right on peaceful life for the descendants. The memory of their feat will never be dim in our hearts. And courage with which we defend our Fatherland today is clear confirmation.

“The feat of Donbas liberators is our pride and untouchable history. It is inscribed forever in the destiny of each Donetsk family, becoming an example for the future generation, learning to love the Motherland. The memory of the heroism of grandfathers and great-grandfather strengthens our spirit, will to win and provides guidance in the battle with Nazi aggression today”, – Ombudsman in DPR Daria Morozova noted.