Daria Morozova – RT Special: Is peace with Ukraine possible? Donetsk after five years of war (video)

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In the deadlocked conflict in Eastern Ukraine, forces are again being withdrawn: a small sign of peace. The “Minsk Process” provides for the return of the rebellious region to Ukrainian territory. But do the people in Donetsk want that?

War and destruction are left behind. At least that’s what the people in the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic hope. After several unsuccessful attempts, the withdrawal of forces at the front line begins one more time. This step marks the beginning of the process of implementing the Minsk agreements. In the end, the return of the breakaway region to Ukraine as an autonomous territory must take place.

But Ukraine has become alien to many people in Donetsk – after years of deadly shelling and the economic blockade of Donbass. How do they see their future coexistence?

So far, the government in Kiev has hardly changed its policy, which had led to secession and military escalation. Moreover, well-organized nationalist associations are putting pressure on the new President. They see the granting of autonomy to the Russia-backed Donbass as treason and surrender to Russia.

The RT video shows officials of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and ordinary people commenting a seemingly hopeless situation. Today’s living conditions of people living near the front line are shown. Also, an unusual Donetsk music band is briefly introduced.

RT note: The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights updated the number of civilian victims in Donbass conflict on 14 November. According to the report, 3,345 civilians were killed and over 9,000 wounded, and 1.3 million people became internally displaced persons.

Victims have been documented since 14 April 2014. On this day the Ukrainian interim president Alexander Turtschinov ordered the so-called anti-terrorist operation and sent the army with tanks to the area in Eastern Ukraine. He and his government came to power as a result of the bloody riots on the Kiev Maidan.

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Source: RT Deutsch