Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

It is about the video that was published by the Ukrainian Nazi Zhorin, namely footage of the massacre of civilians in Kupyansk, Kharkov region where tortured corpses are thrown into the pit like garbage.

It is alleged that the video was supposedly found in the phone of the “occupier”. An absolutely obvious reference to the involvement of the Russian military in this crime, and an eloquent caption: “Reckoning will be!”.

Ukrainian creators of fakes have achieved a viral effect and an emotional reaction of the audience to the post. But they failed with the facts, as always, pierced.

First. Obviously, the footage is fresh. In the frame, you can see yellowed trees, fallen leaves. The dead are warmly dressed, some wearing jackets and sweaters. At the same time, the Russian army began to retreat from the city in early September.

Second. The dead were obviously tortured. Their tied hands behind the backs, a rope around their necks, and a bag over their heads evidenced it. The handwriting of the Ukrainian special services is well known to us since 2014. It is these methods that Ukrainian punishers use to suppress dissent and punish supporters of the Russian world.

Third. Immediately after the occupation of the city by Ukraine, information appeared in the media that the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine looked for residents who had collaborated with the Russian Federation and took them away in an unknown direction. It can be assumed that it is from the bodies of abducted citizens that Ukrainian punishers get rid of on a widespread video.

Obviously, we are dealing with another monstrous provocation by Ukraine. Similar scenarios have already been played out by Kyiv in Bucha, in the Mariupol drama theatre and the Mariupol maternity hospital.

The goals are always the same – to intimidate the civilian population and dehumanize the image of the Russian soldier.

But in one Zhorin is right – reckoning will be! It is near and inevitable. Among others, an objective investigation of the crimes of the Ukrainian military against the civilian population of Kupyansk will be carried out.