Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

Carrying out remote mining of peaceful cities and towns of the DPR with PFM-1 mines, Ukrainian militants are not just fighting against civilians openly. They select targets absolutely accurately. And these are our children. It should be reminded that in the conditions of urban development, this type of indiscriminate weapon poses a particular threat specifically to minors.

These mines are prohibited as indiscriminate weapons by the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction of 3 December 1997 (“Ottawa Convention”). The provisions of this document provide for the following.

First, each participating State never and under no circumstances undertakes:

– do not use anti-personnel mines;

– do not develop, produce, otherwise acquire, stockpile, retain or transfer to anyone, directly or indirectly, anti-personnel mines;

– do not assist, encourage or induce in any way anyone to carry out activities prohibited to a State Party under this Convention.

Secondly, each State Party undertakes to destroy all anti-personnel mines or ensure their destruction in accordance with the provisions of this Convention.

It should be reminded that Ukraine ratified this treaty on December 27, 2005, and on June 1, 2006 it entered into force. Despite the commitments made, Kyiv not only failed to fulfil them, but also uses this type of anti-personnel mines against the civilian population.

I officially notified the Head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Matilda Bogner, about these facts. I insist that the international community should not only record these facts, but also give an appropriate legal assessment with the adoption of the necessary response measures. Otherwise, it is necessary to explain publicly why the organization responsible for maintaining peace and security on the planet ignores the deliberate illegal actions of Ukraine aimed at maiming and killing the civilian population of Donbass.

I also urge the citizens of the Republic to be maximum vigilant due to the current situation. In case of detection of explosive substances, immediately contact the Ministry of Emergency Situations by calling “101”. In no case you shouldn’t try to eliminate the mine with your own hands, warn others and wait for the arrival of sappers.