Daria Morozova in “Glavnoye” programme, commenting verdict against Yulia Prosolova. Aired on 05.10.2018

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Detention Media News

Ukrainian authorities again demonstrated their disrespect to human rights, commented DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova on a verdict of Ilyichevsky Court of Mariupol against a Donetsk citizen Yulia Prosolova, which has appeared recently.

It has been revealed that as far back as 25 September, at a closed court hearing, allegedly due to safety reasons, the girl was sentenced to 12 years in prison under a fabricated case, Ombudsman Office’s press-service cited Ms Morozova. We recall that Yulia Prosolova is being charged for the murder of SSU colonel Alexander Kharaberiush. He was blown up in his car in Mariupol on 31 March 2017, as stated by Head of Special Service Mr. Grytsak. The 29-year-old girl attached an improvised explosive device to the bottom of the car and activated it through a mobile phone call when Mr. Kharaberiush got behind the wheel.

According to Ms Morozova, the fact that Yulia has signed the plea of guilty is a result of torture and psychological pressure.