Daria Morozova contributed in providing humanitarian assistance to residents of Mariupol

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On April 26, the Ombudsman visited one of the social facilities located in the settlement of Melekino to figure out the situation with human rights among the residents of Mariupol, who currently live in the territory of the village.

Also, in the course of a work trip of the Ombudsman, the humanitarian assistance for the children from 0 to 3 years old was delivered.

In addition, during the communication with the residents of Mariupol, the human rights defender figured out problems and needs of internally displaced persons, and listened to chilling stories of people, who were held hostage in the AFU.

It is very important to document promptly absolutely all facts of crimes of Ukrainian servicemen against the citizens of the liberated territories. We are not at liberty to forget atrocities committed against the civilians by the AFU,” Daria Morozova said.

Ombudsman will continue to monitor the human rights situation in the liberated territories.