Daria Morozova comments work in Humanitarian Subgroup in interview to “Oplot TV”

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman Media News

We basically raise three main issues at the meetings of the Humanitarian Subgroup – the first one is the exchange of “all confirmed for all confirmed”. I reiterate that the Donetsk People’s Republic has long been ready to conduct this exchange, whereas the Ukrainian side neither in writing nor orally provided a response. So, this is the first issue.

The second issue, which is equally important, is the search for missing persons. After five years of the conflict ongoing, there are huge lists of missing persons on both sides of the contact line. This work could have been carried out in 2015 when the ICRC prepared a road map to search for the missing. The Ukrainian side, however, is not willing to work in this direction. There are two more issues – to return (documents) and close criminal cases against persons, who had been exchanged and exempted from criminal responsibility as of 29 December 2017, and to sign the Declaration against torture.

We are ready to cooperate on all issues, including the signing of the Declaration. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian side is not willing to do so. Nothing new, actually. The United Nations Human Rights Quarterly Report on Human Rights Situation has been issued recently. It clearly outlines which parties to the conflict are using torture. And the greatest proportion of using torture accounts for the government of Ukraine. Accordingly, I understand why the Ukrainian side does not want to sign this Declaration.