Daria Morozova and Tony Frisch hold working meeting

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Today, 10 September, DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova and the Coordinator of the Humanitarian Subgroup in Minsk, OSCE representative Tony Frisch held a meeting with relatives of persons detained in the territory of Ukraine, relatives of missing persons, and persons who returned to the territory of the Republic as a result of the exchange.

At the beginning of the meeting, Daria Morozova presented Mr. Frisch a photo album named “Undeclared war”, where evidence of Ukraine’s crimes against its citizens is collected. During the conversation, relatives and former prisoners of war shared the difficulties and problems that remain unresolved for a long time. Basically, these were questions of the use of illegal methods of interrogation to detained persons; continuing criminal prosecution; the unwillingness of Kiev representatives to officially confirm the presence of the DPR supporters on their territory; failure to provide medical care in penitentiary institutions of Ukraine; issues relating to the search for missing persons. Relatives of detained persons asked Tony Frisch to visit the detainees in penitentiary institutions of Ukraine. Both the relatives and the previously released persons could talk to Tony Frisch confidentially.

The OSCE representative said that he appreciated the efforts of the representatives of the Republic at the negotiations to facilitate the second stage of the exchange of prisoners. He also supported the work of the DPR Ombudsman for the search of missing persons and noted that in Minsk talks Daria Morozova strongly insists on the implementation of the mechanism for searching for missing persons, together with the Ukrainian side.

In conclusion, Daria Morozova thanked Tony Frisch for his help and concern for the fate of our citizens. The Ombudsman drew attention to the fact that behind every story told today lie the fates of hundreds of people.