Daria Morozova: 43 supporters of DPR and LPR need verification before exchange

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Forty-three supporters of the DPR and the LPR, forcibly detained by Ukraine, need to undergo additional verification before the prisoner exchange, as reported today by DPR Ombudsman Daria Morozova.

“As regards the additional verification, there are 43 (not 40) detainees: 21 DPR supporters and 22 LPR supporters. We found out about them a long ago, so we decided to entrust verification to the OSCE Coordinator to the Humanitarian Subgroup Toni Frisch in Kiev. The Ukrainian side agreed to transfer them there. We have every confidence in Mr. Frisch, as well as the prisoners, who have met him before. I’m sure there will not be any tricks – if some people refuse to be exchanged, that’s their right. Nobody will push them,” said Morozova.

She added that out of 22 DPR supporters, who need additional verification, seven people have never refused to be exchanged.

It should be recalled that earlier, on December 9th, at the “Normandy four” (Germany, Russia, France and Ukraine) summit in Paris, the parties concluded a final document, which provides for certain agreements. One of them was to conduct the exchange of POW in Donbass based on the principle of “all identified for all identified” by the New Year.

Source: DAN