Condolences for the sixth anniversary of the tragedy in Horlivka by Daria Morozova


War and violance are always suffering of innocent civilians and pain of losses. Unfortunately, sometimes such phenomenon entails moments, which make scared even those people, who have a great life experience. Certainly, we are talking about the shooting in Horlivka on 27 July 2014. 22 peaceful inhabitants were killed as a consequence of the massive artillery strike by Ukrainian Armed Forces against residential areas of the city. At that moment the youngest victim was 10 months from birth.

It was a fragrant crime against humanity, violating all moral norms and humanitarian law. I deeply convinced, criminals charged in this tragedy will take a responsibility if not before the low, then before the God, sooner or later.

We’ll cherish the memory of innocent victims because of such barbaric act of aggression against peaceful citizens.

Expressing my sorrow to relatives of victims and to all citizens of Horlivka. The Republic is mourning and praying with you this day.

With the respect, Ombudsmen of the Donetsk People’s Republic Daria Morozova.