Comment of the human rights Ombudsman on the continuing arbitrary detention by the Ukrainian side.

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

The Ukrainian side continues to detain supporters of the Republic. For two weeks, the Ombudsman’s Office received appeals on the arrest of 10 persons, mostly they were detained by the Security Service at the checkpoints. The Ukrainian side blackmails their relatives with the aim to exert pressure on the servicemen of the Republic, thereby luring our men to its territory. Basically people are detained for evidence-free accusations with the purpose of further cooperation with special services of Ukraine.

In June, the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture published a report on the results of a visit to Ukrainian colonies No. 25 and No. 100, remand prisons in Kharkov, Kiev, Khmelnitsky and Odessa. In the report, the observers pointed to the brutality of representatives of Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, who, according to the committee, continue to force confessions.

The report also notes that, in addition to beating of detainees, security forces also resort to other violations: arrest without proper registration, failure to provide access to a lawyer or a doctor, detention of people without charges for more than 72 hours, and poor medical care in detention facilities.

In the course of their visits the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross human rights representatives repeatedly inspected detention conditions on the territory of the Republic. They have seen that these conditions do not contradict the norms of the International Humanitarian Law.

I have repeatedly appealed to representatives of international organizations about the use of illegal methods of inquiry to detained persons, the lack of medical care, and inadequate detention conditions. I recall that the conditions of detention, as well as humane treatment are regulated by Additional Protocol 2 to the 1949 Geneva Convention. According to international humanitarian law all detainees must enjoy protection from murder, torture, and cruel, abusive or degrading treatment.

At the upcoming meeting in Minsk format, I once again raise the issue of the conditions of detention of our prisoners in Ukrainian prisons. We document all cases of human rights violations committed by the Ukrainian side. War crimes do not have a statute of limitations. And the perpetrators will be held accountable for all crimes against Donbass people.