Comment from Daria Morozova on personnel change in highest military-political leadership of Ukraine

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

The dismissal of Anatoly Matios, as well as the previous resignation of Vasily Gritsak, was a natural consequence of their ineffective activities. During their work, the majority of war crimes committed in connection with the conflict in the territory of Donbass were not properly investigated, and the perpetrators remained unpunished. Moreover, the departments headed by them have tarnished their image by knowingly criminalizing innocent persons, using unlawful practices of influence, abduction, detention in secret prisons and other crimes. It was under the patronage of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Military Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine in most cases that these illegal acts were committed. This created a dangerous laissez-faire attitude and led to a systematic violation of human rights and freedoms and a violation of the norms and requirements of international humanitarian law.

We hope that personnel changes in the leadership of Ukraine will contribute to a more constructive position in matters of ensuring the legal order, justice and the rule of law. The willingness to impartially fulfil the assigned functions, despite the political situation, is the main sign of professionalism and a necessary condition for restoring peace in Donbass and ensuring law and order in Ukraine.