Comment from Daria Morozova following Minsk talks

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

The main outcome of today’s meeting of the Humanitarian Subgroup was a thorough name-by-name discussion of the exchange list and coordinating a mechanism aimed at adoption of procedural decisions regarding detainees. Earlier, we came up with the mechanism, so naturally, we are ready to fulfil it. Now we look forward to the official confirmation by the Ukrainian side and guarantees that it will be implemented.

Representatives of Ukraine failed to update us on the current situation of the adoption of procedural decisions regarding the detainees, which means that this work is progressing very slowly. I call on the Ukrainian side to be reasonable and insist on the need to accelerate work in this direction, because the date and the exchange itself largely depend on it. There is no difficulty to set the date of the exchange, which is also true for Kiev representatives. However, the key issue is the adoption of procedural decisions. The Ukrainian side assured us that it will make every effort to complete this preparatory phase as soon as possible, which would let us begin the process of mutual release of people.

I raised the issue of the murder of Mr. Dzhumaev, which was also under discussion at the Contact Group. We have put forward a demand for representatives of the Ukrainian side to provide security guarantees to persons subject to exchange who are in Ukrainian prisons now, as well as to those for whom a preventive measure has been changed to personal commitment, house arrest, or recognizance not to leave. I insist on the need to comply with these guarantees in order to avoid unnecessary politicizing of the process of releasing people.

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