Comment from Daria Morozova on attack against medical vehicle

Comments and statements of the Ombudsman News

I was informed that on February 22 a medical vehicle, which came to the spot to evacuate a wounded serviceman, was attacked by Ukrainian forces outside Dokuchaievsk. Despite having a distinctive mark, the vehicle was targeted, and three persons died: a medical instructor, a driver and a serviceman.

The incident is a gross violation of the international humanitarian law. In accordance with Article 19 of the First Geneva Convention of 12 August 1949, medical units cannot be attacked under any circumstances. Article 24 of the said Convention guarantees the protection and respect by the parties to the conflict for medical personnel under any circumstances. I also note that the protection of the wounded during hostilities is regulated by international humanitarian law, any acts of violence to life and person of the wounded is strictly prohibited.

I have already asked international organizations such as UN, OSCE and IRCR to give a legal assessment to the targeted shelling against the medial vehicle that resulted into three deaths.