Clarification on amendmens to The Order of Registration, Inspection and Assessment of Damage to Housing Objects


Before, the issue of inspection of damaged housing was acute for residents of several settlements in which military operations are actively ongoing or those located near the line of contact.

The problem was that in some cases, commissions responsible for the restoration of infrastructure had no opportunity to carry out damage assessment, so citizens did not receive documents confirming the damage to a housing object.

According to the changes introduced by Order of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic No. 356 of November 6, 2019, residents whose housing was damaged as a result of hostilities will be able to register as persons in need of social housing. Now, in case it is impossible to access a settlement in order to conduct damage assessment and make a list of damages, the commissions, in agreement with the People’s Militia Department, will issue a certificate on the basis of which a citizen may be registered (upon consent of the citizen within one month from the date of issue of the certificate).

For more information on the procedure for registering citizens who are in need of providing social housing please contact the Administrations of cities and regions of the DPR.