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In conditions of war, children become the most vulnerable category of citizens. Children whose parents died defending their Motherland especially need support. The charitable project “Donbass, uchimsya vmeste” is aimed at helping children from the families of the fallen defenders of the DPR. Therefore, I was happy to assist in its implementation.

The initiative belongs to the Rostov Regional Public Organization for Assistance to the Development of the Region and is supported by the Presidential Grants Fund. The Charitable Foundation “Svyatogor” (Moscow), which is a participant in the all-Russian mutual assistance action #MYVMESTE, takes an active part. Activists from the public organization Molodaya Respublica” also joined.

The project is designed to help the younger generation in the organization of educational space and career guidance. In total, it will cover 198 children of fallen servicemen from Donetsk, Gorlovka, Debaltsevo, Makeyevka, Shakhtersk and Snezhnoye. Laptops have been purchased for the children who are in high school. The children will also receive desks and chairs, table lamps, office supplies and skill sets. In addition, family members of the fallen soldiers will be provided with professional psychological assistance.

The issuance of PCs, furniture and office supplies will take place within a few days. The first sets have already been handed over to recipients today.

It is important that the project takes into account not only the needs of the children of the SMO participants, but also those who died defending Donbass in 2014-2015. It is a right and good deed. I sincerely thank all involved.